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The Fisch works.

The Fisch checks the weight, diameter, thickness and shape of a gold coin.

These 4 checks will detect all common metal counterfeits.

How to detect fake gold coins with The Fisch
The Ringer works.

The Ringer detects tungsten counterfeits.

The Ringer detects common metal counterfeits.

Listen here! Genuine American Eagle gold coin versus a tungsten fake.

Here are fakes detected by the Fisch and the Ringer

How to detect tungsten fake gold coins with The Ringer by Fisch
what investors say

"My Fisch have already prevented me from purchasing 3 counterfeit Mexican 50 Peso coins - The coins were the exact correct weight but were slightly too thick and slightly too large in diameter. I have also found many British Sovereigns which checked oversize or too light. Many were from supposedly reputable dealers."

"Actually, that reminds me, I've been using a Fisch fake detector for years on krugerrands ever since I saw a big dealer in London using one on sovereigns."

"The Fisch is very simple to use and effective. It's already saved me more than the purchase price."

"I'm so glad I had the Fisch, as one of the Krugerrands definitely did not fit. The color appeared the same as the others. By weight in hand I didn't notice anything significant. The width of the coin started to pass thru the slot, however, about 1/4 of the way thru it couldn't continue passing thru. The diameter was way too big. I immediately rejected the coin and requested a replacement."

"But, I loved your tools. I got a counterfeit Maple Leaf the other day.
Only passed the shape test. Made my job easy."

"Well,ninety minutes later the Fisch had flagged up eight coins as being oversize in diameter,the coins would not pass through the slot, or fit in to the recess.. All of the coins passed the weight test. I also rejected one coin for being oversize and a strange colour. The coin dealer replaced the nine coins with no problem at all."

"Your gauges saved me $4000. Paid for themselves many times over."

"It sure put my mind at ease. I had a few I was suspicious of. The Fisch proved they were 100% good."

"If it wasn't for the Fisch, I would have bought a phony gold coin."

"The detectors are a breeze to use, am I am pleased to report that all my coins checked out just fine (whew!)  I will be much more confident about making purchases in local coin retailers now--the peace of mind these detectors provide is priceless!"

"I checked a 100 Corona coin today and it was fake, too large around, too thick, and not heavy enough. Your product saved me a fortune.  Thanks again."

"Hi... I purchased the full set of gold detectors and love them. In just over a year, I've already they've already saved me from purchasing 2 fake sovereigns and one Mexican 50 peso."

"... the Fisch system to detect bogus gold and silver coins is well worth considering. I've used the Fisch system for over 25-years now and I can attest to the impeccable reliability these instruments offer."

"I've had only two occasions where Mexican 50-peso gold pieces were detected, failing the "weight" check when subjected to the Fisch system. The coins were drilled and filled with lead. The edges of the coins were re-plated with gold and almost non-detectable to the untrained eye."

"I have used these little instruments since the big rush circa 79-80, and have never seen them fooled by a fake, though they have identified many "off-weight" fakes over the years."

"I showed The Fisch to my local dealer and he pulled out a Krug he was stuck with that he knew was counterfeit.  Anyhow...the detector worked like a charm--the coin couldn't pass all the tests."

"For less money than a cheap shotgun, your readers could add to their arsenal of tools for not getting cheated if in some future the normal economy has become discombobulated."

"I'm thrilled with them--very easy to use, and I'm pleased to say all my gold passed the test (whew!) If you are concerned about picking up a counterfeit coin, I really recommend these--I feel much more confident about making purchases now."

"Of late, I use a Fisch, but I have physically measured and weighed in the past. IMHO, the Fisch is convenient without being too complacent. I don't buy frequently, but when I do, I want what I'm paying for."

"Never, but NEVER sell short the idea that there ARE fake gold coins out there. In the years I have been buying, trading, collecting, and generally dealing in PMs and numismatics, I have encountered MANY different fakes. I have used these little instruments since the big rush circa 79-80, and have never seen them fooled by a fake, though they have identified many "off-weight" fakes over the years."

"I use a Fisch  gold detector - pretty much foolproof. I've got wallet #2, which contains detectors for my main purchases - Krugerands and Sovereigns. I buy from a trusted coin dealer who's already checked the coins and doesn't mind in the slightest when I check my potential purchases..."

"I test all my coins using a Fisch gold detector device to ensure they're real."

"Get yourself a Fisch, much easier and portable than a scale and set of calipers when out shopping."

"An easier and more practical way to test the density of a coin is to use a tool called a Fisch, a plastic tool that first checks the physical diameter and thickness and finally serves as a simple tip balance to test the weight... This tool is highly recommended by gold dealers and bankers..."

the biggest bullion dealers

The biggest bullion dealers, banks and mints, such as The United States Mint and The Royal Canadian Mint, have bought the Fisch fake coin detectors.

Fake Silver Dollars among 40,000 counterfeit silver & gold coins seized in Los Angeles
June 4, 2021

Representatives of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation and its Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force report that they recently assisted federal law enforcement agents with on-site numismatic expertise regarding more than 40,000 fake Morgan and Peace dollars, American Eagle si...

"Received my order today. Thanks for the prompt shipment. Good service is hard to find these days and I appreciate it when I get it.
I had a very good idea what the Fisch fake gold coin detection tool looked like from the website, but I wasn't expecting them to be contained in such a nice binder."

"Thanks for the quick response. Great product. Great customer service. I really appreciate it."

"Thanks for the fast shipping, and a great and elegantly simple product."

"Wow! Got it in 3 days, that was FAST! I really like it, quite ingenious and quite well-made."

"I want to compliment you on the service and on the Fisch. I received my order on Monday afternoon and the timing couldn't have been better. I am going to look at some Kugerrands this afternoon. I am interested in the unit for checking the Maple Leaf so please email me back and let me know if I can order it using the card info you already have."

"We have received our first Fisch purchase, and are very happy with it. Love the neat package it comes in - I thought we'd just get the testers in a jumble, but the nice D-ring folder is a lovely bonus."